Indian Ocean beach holiday on Zanzibar, its neighboring islands or on the coast. Pretty much every coastal town and hamlet in Tanzania fronts tropical turquoise waters and crystal-white sands, and in between are hundreds of other beaches known only to the local fishermen. The coastline stretches over an incredible 1,424 kilometers and there are also beautiful islands like Mafia, Pemba, Songo Songo and of course Zanzibar!

Zanzibar – more than beaches and palms

Think of Zanzibar and pictures of romantic dhows with white sails, endless, palm-fringed beaches, veiled women, ancient ruins and exotic spices float before your eyes. The island has a thrilling history, which reflects today in the culture and traditions of the Zanzibaris. Zanzibar has more to offer than just fantastic white tropical beaches! We have a close association and detailed knowledge with the Zanzibar island as we are located here, too.

Best Season:May, June, July, August
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